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Starting date: December
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This course aims to familiarize students with networking concepts through the construction of a complete network infrastructure for a college campus

In this course, students will explore the essentials of cybersecurity, gaining insight into the landscape of cyber threats, network security, data protection and risk management.

This course covers the installation of the Windows client OS. Students will explore various editions of the Windows client, their requirements, and new features. Additionally, the course covers key aspects, including operating system security, application hardening, endpoint protection strategies, and effective patch management

This course is an in-depth program designed to address the unique security challenges faced by server environments. It covers a broad range of topics including building server infrastructure from scratch, hardening techniques, managing server vulnerabilities and implementing robust security policies

This course offers an in-depth look at mobile device and cloud security. It covers key aspects such as securing mobile operating systems and apps, understanding cloud security architecture, and implementing threat mitigation strategies in these environments. Participants will explore data protection techniques, compliance issues, and the latest security threats to mobile and cloud platforms.

This course is specifically designed to equip cybersecurity professionals with essential programming skills, focusing on Python and Linux. This comprehensive program delves into using Python for scripting, automation, and cybersecurity tool development, alongside mastering command-line operations in Linux, crucial for security tasks. Participants will learn to write effective Python code, manage Linux-based systems, and apply these skills in real-world cybersecurity scenarios.

This course is to enhance the skills necessary for effectively handling and responding to various security incidents. Participants will delve into the practical aspects of SOC operations, including the fundamentals of incident detection, incident response, and the tools and technologies used in a Security Operations Center

This course is to explore the basics of cryptography, including symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and how it's used in securing communications and data

This course will utilize ITIL security management content specifically focused on cybersecurity, outlining the structured integration of security measures within an organization

Upon completion of the cybersecurity courses, students will work on a variety of settings - from corporate IT departments to cybersecurity firms and collaborating with experienced cybersecurity professionals. The practicum aims to prepare students for the cybersecurity workforce, enhancing their employability and giving them a competitive edge in their career pursuits.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to our Cybersecurity programs, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Prospective students are encouraged to contact us to determine their eligibility. Our admissions team is ready to assist you with the application process and answer any questions you may have.


Transform your theoretical knowledge into practical expertise by engaging with our intensive cybersecurity projects.


Achieve mastery in cybersecurity under the guidance of experienced professionals.


Enhance your professional credibility with widely recognized cybersecurity certifications.

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